Samuele Strufaldi

Samuele Strufaldi, born in December 1989, is a Florentine Musician and Composer.

After the studies in Sculpture and Art, at the "Leon Battista Alberti" school, he decided to continue his path with music (that he study since he was very young).
He graduate in Jazz Music with the maximum evaluation at the "Conservatorio P. Mascagni" in Livorno, 2012, under the guide of M° Mauro Grossi.
His compositions are often connected with his other passions that he's developing parallele to the music: Design, Photography, Sculpture, Drawing, Traveling and extreme sports (freerunning and acrobatics). He also work as acrobat and musician in a florentine circus (Magma Circus).
In Florence he work in different projects: his trio "Ismael Circus" another trio project with ethnic instruments "Ismael Breakfast" and the experimental duo "Ruprekt

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